Reduce the Intensity of a Fire

The purpose of a firebreak is to provide an area of reduced fuel load which will reduce the intensity of a fire and therefore allow for more effective combating and to also serve as a line from which a back burn can be started.

Working on Fire has over 20-years worth of experience in all types of firebreak creation. Through a vast network, we supply professionally trained and fully equipped crews for any kind of firebreak planning and creation for any location.

External Firebreaks

External firebreaks provide fire protection on the boundaries of a property; taking into account that properties border, natural vegetation, public roads or railway lines, rural or farming communities, urban-interface areas of cities, or industrial sites, which all present varying degrees of fire hazard. External firebreaks acts as a barrier to slow or stop the progress of a fire.

External firebreaks can be provided in various ways, including regular burning of grasslands and other vegetation, adding prescribed under-story burning of tree stands, plowing of firebreaks, or hand-clearing fire breaks.

Buffer Zones

FireHawk Camera Systems provides real-time reporting and recording capabilities and complete integration between cameras, satellites and dispatch.

The system also provides timeline tracking, in-depth reports, historical fire location reports with all event data and footage archived for future reporting and data analysis and monitors operator input and informs management should operators breach any system protocols.